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Posted: May 11, 2011 in 2009, 8.0, Blu-Ray, Home, New, Tally

Date viewed:  2/16/11

Venue:  Home (Blu-Ray)

A great extreme horror movie from Australia.  I heard quite a bit of hype prior to checking it out, but it lived up to my expectations.  It manages to be both glossy and depraved in a way I can’t recall another movie pulling off.

Rating:  8.0


SUGAR (2008)

Posted: February 21, 2011 in 2000s, 8.0, Blu-Ray, Home, New, Tally

Date viewed:  2/9/11

Venue:  Home (Blu-Ray)

A great sports movie that is about much more than baseball.  The performances, which appear to be mostly from nonactors, are about as real as they get, and it manages to be uplifting in a realistic way.

Rating:  8.0

Date viewed:  2/6/11

Venue:  Home (DVD)

As a life-long fan of the Clash (well, since I bought London Calling when I was 16 anyways), I was not expecting to not like JS:TFIU, and I definitely did not not like it.  I was surprised how honestly it portrayed Joe Strummer, by not only praising his genius and political awareness, but also coloring him as a bit of a fame whore who wouldn’t hesitate to sell out his bandmates if it meant a better chance of success.  Still, by the end you can’t help but feel a profound sense of loss that Strummer was only 50 when he died in 2002 (from a congenital heart defect).

Oh, the sound mix on the DVD is wonderful and the songs sound better than ever.

Rating:  8.0


Posted: February 8, 2011 in 1970s, 8.0, DVD, Home, New, Tally

Date viewed:  2/1/11

Venue:  Home (DVD)

Obviously, MARATHON MAN is considered classic thriller, and I sure can’t come up with any evidence to refute this reputation.  There are two standouts scenes that are legendary in their intensity, and they hold up really well even today.  And like most good political thrillers, the story is amazingly convoluted for 3/4ths of the movie before finally coming together for the last act.

Oh, and Roy Scheider is the f’ing man here.

Rating:  8.0

MARTYRS (2008)

Posted: January 28, 2011 in 2000s, 8.0, DVD, Home, New, Tally

Dated viewed:  1/26/11

Venue:  Home (DVD)

MARTYRS blends horror sub-genres and well-worn conventions in ways I haven’t seen before.  And it all builds to a vaguely uplifting(?) ending that I’ve been thinking about for two days.

I stayed away from MARTYRS for two years because I was under the impression it was more-of-the-same torture porn, but I was mistaken — it’s damn near thoughtful, and in parts it’s absolutely terrifying.  This is challenging material, in more ways than one, but it’s entirely worth the effort.

MARTYRS is my favorite of the recent “extreme” French horror films, and it’s one of the best horror movies I’ve seen, period.

Rating:  8.0


Posted: January 25, 2011 in 1970s, 8.0, Home, New, NWI, Tally

Date viewed:  1/23/11

Venue:  Home (NWI)

Sidney Lumet directing the “Sean Connery as an Angry Cop Show” for two hours?  Sign me up.  It’s obvious THE OFFENCE was originally a stage play, but it certainly doesn’t feel stilted or stuffy in any way.  Lumet’s trademarked moral ambiguity is present here, but once again, the resolution is completely satisfying.

Rating:  8.0


Posted: January 24, 2011 in 2000s, 8.0, Home, NWI, Tally

Dated viewed:  1/19/11

Venue:  Home (NWI)

I remember when this was originally released, other than a positive review by Ebert, almost all mentions of FEMME FATALE were negative.  I am dumbfounded by this.  FF has quickly taken its place as one of my favorite De Palma movies, and I can’t wait to see it again.  It actually reminds me of a Haneke film, the way it toys with the audience.  But unlike Haneke, De Palma is clearly in full bore entertainer mode here and every unexpected turn the story takes is completely satisfying.

Rating:  8.0