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Date viewed:  2/18/11

Venue:  Home (NWI)

Mostly a Tarantino riff by Carnahan, but that’s OK, everybody has to start somewhere.  The characters were entertaining enough, and the story was somewhat original, but still, it isn’t much more than a curiosity for people like me who’ve become fans of the director (A-TEAM notwithstanding).

Rating:  5.5


Posted: January 3, 2011 in 2000s, 5.5, Home, New, NWI, Tally

Date: 1/2/11 (finished)

Venue: Home (NWI)

I actually started this a few days ago but just finished it today; and I wasn’t in a hurry. A dark comedy that doesn’t have much in the way of comedy, WRISTCUTTERS feels like it’s about 10 years late. Still, Tom Waits.

Rating:  5.5/10