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Date viewed:  2/18/11

Venue:  Home (NWI)

Mostly a Tarantino riff by Carnahan, but that’s OK, everybody has to start somewhere.  The characters were entertaining enough, and the story was somewhat original, but still, it isn’t much more than a curiosity for people like me who’ve become fans of the director (A-TEAM notwithstanding).

Rating:  5.5

FREAKED (1993)

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Date viewed:  1/9/11

Venue:  Home (NWI)

Several people have told me how great FREAKED is, but I just don’t see it.  The comedy is very heavy on pop culture and current event references, and this style bares too close a resemblance to “The Family Guy” (which I’ve never found funny), for me.  Kevin Costner and Kim Basinger were good looking actors in the early ’90s.  I get it.  Ha ha.

Still, the makeup/creature effects are awesome, and Randy Quaid gives a bizarrely entertaining performance.

Rating:  5.0


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Date viewed:  1/9/11

Venue:  Home (DVD)

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER was originally released just as I was coming into my own as a film fan (I was 13).  At the time I considered it to be a “grown up” movie that I was sure would be too political and boring.  Wow, I was an idiot.  I tried to do some work while watching it, but I couldn’t take my eyes from the screen.  Daniel Day Lewis gives one of the all-time great performances, and the late Pete Postlewaite is just as good.  An amazing movie.

Rating:  9.5

THE GAME (1997)

Posted: January 3, 2011 in 1990s, 7.5, Blu-Ray, Home, Previously seen, Tally

Date viewed:  1/2/11

Venue:  Home (Blu-Ray)

Due to the terrible PQ of the DVD (released in the early days of the format), I hadn’t seen this in several years.  I picked up the UK blu-ray, and although it isn’t perfect, it’s leaps and bounds better than the DVD.

THE GAME is middle-ground Fincher to me, but that’s better than most other directors’ best.  I’m sure it’s not entirely unintentional on Fincher’s part, but I can easily see Van Orton as an older (and depressed) version of Gordon Gekko, and that’s fun.  All in all, it’s a beautiful movie, but it leaves me a little cold.

Rating:  7.5