Posted: March 8, 2011 in 1960s, 7.0, Home, New, NWI, Tally

Date viewed:  2/12/11

Venue:  Home (NWI)

Somebody on Twitter mentioned being an admirer of Peter Watkins, who directed THE WAR GAME and several historical docs.  The name was new to me, but I was glad to find this on NWI.  THE WAR GAME is a fairly shocking pseudo documentary about the potential nuclear fallout in Britain after WWIII.  Of course I have no technical knowledge of such things, but THE WAR GAME feels entirely authentic and believable.  Scary shit.

Rating:  7.0

  1. The War Game by Peter Watkins is the story of Nuclear attack on Britain banned by the BBC in 1965 until it was first shown on Wedesnday July 31st 1985 for the first time after 20 years later.

    It Took place in the South East of England including Rochester,Chatham,Dover,Gravesend,
    Canterbury and Tonbridge also the small child’s eyes burned into the nuclear air bursts with the melting the upturned eyeballs and the firestorms.

    The Voiceovers of course is Dick Graham & Michael Aspel provide the commentators.

    It is the most horrorfying film of The War Game is quite disturbing and distress as well.

    The War Game is the best douc-drama awards from the all time greats and once again to the film producer is Peter Watkins for the BBC.

    Terry Christie
    From Sunderland
    Tyne & Wear

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